Five Fierce Winter Finds

Me #4

As the blustery winds of my first real snowstorm whip outside my window, I am reminded of just how much my life has changed within the past year. I graduated from college and made the big decision to pack up and move from Florida, the only place (and climate) I have ever lived in, to Long Island for my job. While sitting here reminiscing and watching the white flakes pile high, I am inspired to show you five of my Winter essentials that I have gathered to survive these next few months in comfort and style.

1. Michael Kors Jacket
My first item is actually one that I purchased about two years ago for my first excursion to New York. It’s a single breasted, very sophisticated button-up coat from Michael Kors that despite the fact that it isn’t a long coat, is actually very warm and cozy. The jacket is insulated and it has numerous pockets to keep other winter necessities like chapstick in. At $80.00 it was a steal from the original cost of $400.00 when I purchased it with my employee discount at Saks Fifth Avenue: Off Fifth. I love this coat because it has served me well for the past two years, and though I think my exact coat has been discontinued, you can find very similar versions at

Me #5

2. Voluspa Makassar Ebony & Peach Decorative Candle
Intoxicating notes of dark ebony wood mingling with freshly picked peaches and the faint smell of crisp apples are wafting from this incredible candle as I write about it. I discovered this stylish and deliciously foreign scented candle at my job at Nordstrom, and was immediately obsessed with the festive tin as well as the mesmerizing smell. At only $19.00 this candle is a steal as it will not only fill your rooms with its moroccan fantasies of spice and intrigue, but it will provide you with an eye-catching piece perfect for any stylish home. Available at


3. Diesel “Night Sky” Shirt
One of my admittedly many Christmas gifts to myself, I am personally obsessed with the splattered silver paint design of this shirt that is crafted to resemble the night sky filled with twinkling stars. One feature of this button-up that was pointed out to me by the very helpful (and very hot) sales clerk was that the more distinctive patterns on the shirt actually spell out the company’s name in a subtle but incredibly unique way. Galaxy print is a fad that I am admittedly a sucker for so I may be a tad biased, but I absolutely love the dark pitch of the shirt combined with the silver outlines and I think it makes a very strong style statement. Listed at about $190 this shirt was more of a splurge item for me but the compliments and the style combinations I have been able to create with it have made the price well worth it. Unfortunately I was unable to locate this particular item on Diesel’s web store but they may still carry it in some of their physical store locations across the U.S.

Me #6

4. Sephora x Pantone Universe Color of the Year: Serenity Matte Lipstick
Every time that a new year rolls around I wait in eager anticipation to see which new stunning color will win the Pantone Color of the Year award. This year yielded an incredible surprise as two colors were chosen instead of the traditional one, and the results are spectacular Serenity blue and ravishing Rose Quartz pink. To commemorate this momentous occasion by partnering with Sephora’s makeup line for a collaboration line of eye-shadows and lipsticks that truly represent the new year. The lipstick I chose was the pastel serenity blue to match and offset my new royal blue hair color, and the matte finish (something I am a stickler for in lipsticks) works wonderfully towards that end. Sometimes you have to have a little fun with your look and I think representing one of the colors of the year in a fun and playful way was the perfect option for me to try something new in 2016. Only $18.00 and packaged in a cutely innovative plastic case, this lipstick is a must have for parties or even just for adding a playful pop of color to your new year, new me look. Available at


5. YSL Black Opium Perfume
My last fierce find is a scent that has aroused the minds and sensibilities of many of my friends and colleagues since I first started wearing it back in December. Those who know me well, know that I am addicted to rich, warm, and flowery scents and this YSL perfume contains notes of all three of my criterion. The bases of this perfume are cedarwood, vanilla, coffee, and patchouli with the strongest element being the last. Winner of the Allure Magazine “Best of Beauty” award for Best Sexy Fragrnace of 2015, The glam-rock aesthetic bottle and the enveloping floral scents of jasmine and mandarin make this perfume a must have for special occasions or frisky encounters. With four different sizes as well as a roller, sampling this perfume is a cinch. Available at